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Upcoming Events

Due to the impact of Covid - 19 most conferences have been cancelled or being held virtually.  Look for me to be attending NationaI, International and regional meetings and conferences.  Recently I presented the FBA's OpTIC  Train the Trainer course in Nashville.

FBA – Fiber Connect.  Larry is on the FBA’s Technology Committee and besides developing the OpTIC FTTx course ia also involved with the Technology Committee.

Fiber Optic history is the focus of my bi-monthly articles in High Tech News.  Each issue is focussed on skill standards and how they apply to fiber optic technicians and designers.

OTA - Look for future sessions on Fiber Optic topics.

Emmanuel Desurvire, Larry Johnson and Sir David Payne at OFC.  Both are Tyndall winners who worked on Erbium doped fibers and amplifiers which allow for international communications over optical fibers.  

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