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Our clients are all special to us.  We listen carefully and then apply what is needed to provide expertise and content.  In many cases we are asked to "ghost" write content for our clients.



Unless contracted to develop custom materials and content we are vendor neutral.  

Optical Society of America


 Coordinated the 2019 Test and Measurement Center at OFC. Produced several video presentations honoring Dr. Charles Kao's  special luminary recognition at OFC 2010.  Escorted Charles & Gwen Kao for the presentation and event.

Guam Telephone Company


Physical plant analysis and recommendations.


development of the ETA’s Fiber Optic Installer (FOI), Fiber Optic Technician – Outside Plant (FOT-OSP) and Fiber Optic Technician – Inside Plant (FOT-ISP) certifications since the 1990’s.  He currently sits on the ETA’s Education Committee and writes a bi-monthly article on the history of fiber optic for their High Tech News publication.


Siemens Company


Developed custom media project for internal use.

Telephone Associations


Alaska Telephone Association

Washington Independent Telephone Association

Oregon Telephone Association



Senko Advanced Components



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