Larry Johnson started his career in fiber optics in 1977 which coincided with the first installation of fiber optics in the United States.

During his time working for Tektronix as Fiber Optic Specialist, he worked on three generations of OTDRs and other test and measurement technologies and products.  While writing fiber optic test procedures with the TIA/EIA, Larry saw a need for a vendor neutral fiber optic training company and founded The Light Brigade (TLB) in 1986 to fill this niche.  During his time with TLB he wrote over 20 courses dealing with varying applications and technologies, while also developing industry certifications for designers, technicians and installers. 

As a member of the Optical Society of America Larry has coordinated the FTTx Center for over 10 years and the new Test & Measurement Center at the Optical Fiber Conference.  He has also delivered many short courses and webinars, written articles, written a book on troubleshooting fiber optic systems and participated in several industry technology committees.  In 2000 Larry was named by Fiber Optic Product News as a luminary of the industry for his role in education and training. 

Larry's expertise in system design, test and measurement, and fiber optic standards has allowed him to travel internationally providing speaking roles at industry conferences while providing solutions to his clients.

One of Larry's passions is archiving historical content about fiber optic technology - the inventors, those who implemented fiber optics and the challenges of each.  In 2008 he founded FiberStory to provide expertise for end users, manufacturers and organizations.

I had the honor of interviewing (and filming) Dr. Charles Kao who would later win the Nobel Prize for physics in 2009.  The one hour interview reviews his background and how he came to writing ghis outstanding paper which would win him his Nobel prize and his Knighthood. 

Over the years I have interviewed many of the fiber industries luminaries and look forward to issuing periodic segments on various technologies and products.

Your story is also important and I look forward to hearining from you.

One of my visits to India where I gave a keynote speech and also attended a ribbon cutting ceremony at a new fiber optics educational program being launched.

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